Advanced Leadership Programme (2018-19)

Action Learning Set Resources

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Introductory Day

Action Learning Guide - Academi Wales          Leading in the Welsh Public Service - a leadership behaviours framework for senior leaders (2017)

Academi Wales Learning Channel                    Action Learning - Sowing Seeds                   Introduction to Action Learning - PowerPont Slides


ALS 1 - Introduction to Action Learning and Learning Styles

Learning Styles Questionnaire                             Learning Styles Questionnaire - Explanations               TED Talk - Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator 

Resilience Enhancing Thinking Patterns            Pre-ALS Issue Brief - pdf version                                      Pre-ALS Issue Brief - Word version            

Seven Pre-ALS Questions - pdf version             Seven Pre-ALS Questions - Word version                      The Time Matrix - Urgency and Importance

Johari Window                                                          ALP ALS Evaluation Summary (North Wales) - 27th March 2018        ALP ALS Evaluation Summary (South Wales) 29th March 2018


ALS 2 - Leadership - a principles and strengths-based perspective

VIA Survey of Character Strengths - Univ of Penn       

Create an account on the University of Pennsylvania website by registering via the following URL:  

Once registered, access and take the strengths-based leadership questionnaire via the following link:  

The questionnaire is entitled: ‘VIA Survey of Character Strengths’ and is under the general heading of ‘Engagement Questionnaires’ in the Questionnaire Centre. Please be aware that in relation to ‘validity and reliability’ this on-line questionnaire contains 240 questions and will take about 20-25 minutes to complete (it will be the longest one to complete during the programme).


Once you have completed the questionnaire, please print off and bring your identified top strengths to the ALS where we will explore them in relation to your leadership approach and style.

Caring to Change Kings Fund - May 2017                        Being Nice is Not Enough - Hay Research - 2012             Leading across the Health and Care System - Kings Fund 2017    

Leadership in Turbulent Times - Sowing Seeds