Advanced Pharmacy

Leadership Programme (2016-17)

Action Learning Set Resources

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Introductory Day

OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality : United Kingdom 2016                      Making Prudent Healthcare Happen                                           Bevan Commission - Prudent Healthcare


Achieving Excellence - NHS Wales Plan 2012-2016                                       Together for Health - NHS Wales Vision                                     RPS Leadership Development Framework

Action Learning Guide - Academi Wales                                                           APLP - Introduction to Action Learning (PP Slides)                


ALS 1 - Introduction to Action Learning and Learning Styles

Learning Styles Questionnaire                                                                            Learning Styles Questionnaire - Explanations                         Future Learn

Academi Wales Learning Channel                                                                     Academi Wales - SkillPort                                                             Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership - Kouzes and Posner      


WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary -13th April 2016                                          WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 14th April 2016


ALS 2 - Introduction to Leadership (Principles, Strengths...)

Pre-ALS Issue Brief                                                                                                Seven Pre-ALS Questions                                                             VIA Survey of Character Strengths - University of Pennsylvania 


Leadership in Turbulent Times                                                                            Leadership (The 3 Constants) - Govier and Nash                    Butler-Bowden - bite size books

Towards a New Model of Leadership - June 2013                                          Leadership Development in Health Care - 2015                     


Being Nice is Not Enough - Hay Research - 2012                                             Developing Collective Leadership for Healthcare - Kings Fund 2014

Service Improvement Project - Update Template                                            I Love Lucy - Chocolate Line - YouTube                                    WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 24th May 2016

WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary 26th May 2016

ALS 3 - Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leadership for Tomorrow - Once More With Feeling                                      Emotional Intelligence - Mind Tools                                             Emotional Bank Account

EQi - an introduction - PowerPoint Slides                                                          Johari Window                                                                                  GROW Coaching Model

EQ - self assessment tool                                                                                     The Drama Triangle - web info                                                      Drama Triangle - slides

Distorted Thinking Patterns                                                                                   WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 5th July 2016                     WPLP - Action Learning Evaluation Summary - 7th July 2016

ALS 4 - Leadership - Influencing and Persuading

Push Me Pull You Diagnostic Tool                                                                         Handout - Push Me Pull You Diagnostic Tool                            The Skills of Influencing  


The Third Alternative - Dr.Stephen R.Covey                                                        Leading and Influencing - PowerPoint Slides                           Exerting more power or influence exercise

Influencing - the skill for success                                                                         TED Talk - Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator           Time Matrix - Covey       

WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 6th September 2016                                  WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 8th September 2016

ALS 5 Leading with Political Awareness

Perspectives on Politics Questionnaire                                                               Practising the Art of Positive Politics                                        Political Awareness - Skills You Need Website   


Leading with Political Awareness - a very brief summary                               Political Behaviour - Buchanan                                                   Managing Organisational Politics - CSL         


Mastering the Power Zone                                                                                       Senedd TV - live and archived NAfW proceedings                 Confirmation Bias

Leading with Political Awareness - Warwick B'ness School                          Owl Fox Donkey Sheep                                                                  Power Types           

GROW Coaching Framework                                                                                    Lencioni - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team                             WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 15th November 2016

WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 17th November 2016


ALS 6 - Leading with Resilience


Emotional Resilience - pre-ALS On-line Questionnaire                                      Emotional Resilience Toolkit                                                        How Successful People Stay Calm 

Developing Resilience - Research Report - 2011 CIPD et al                              How Can I Improve My Personal Resilience?                           Working With Our Own Vulnerability

CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013                                                 The Lesson                                                                                       Career Management Handbook - Academi Wales 2013

Llawlyfr Rheoli Gyrfa - Academi Wales 2013                                                         The Real Deal - a guide to getting the job you want                Glass Half Full - IDeA Report 2010

The Hero's Journey - Coaching Card                                                                       WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 10 January 2017               WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 12 January 2017

ALS 7 - Adaptive Leadership and Change

Sowing Seeds - Adaptive Leadership                                       Sowing Seeds - High Performing Organisations                                                  Leading Adaptive Change - a very brief overview   


Managing Transitions - William Bridges                                  Adaptive Leadership and Change - Co-coaching Questions                             Jim Collins - Good to Great - Executive Summary 

Shackleton - Leadership Themes - Selected Books            Shackleton - the story                                                                                                  Sowing Seeds - Managing Change Successfully

Leadership in a Permanent Crisis - Heifetz et al 2009         WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 14 March 2017                                                WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 16 March 2017


ALS 8 - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - (making leadership development 'stick')

Seven Habits - Stephen R Covey - Executive Summary              Seven Habits - Interview with Dr Stephen R. Covey - MP3 file            7 Habits - Quick MBA

Time Matrix - Covey                                                                              Identifying your Circle of Concern                                                             7 Habits Self-scoring Profile

Do Decide Delegate Dump                                                                  WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 25th April 2017                                WPLP ALS Evaluation Summary - 27th April 2017