Bridgend College

Person Centred

Leadership Programme

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CORE - the neuroscience of relationships                                CORE Model - summary         


Seven Habits - Stephen R Covey - Executive Summary          Seven Habits Executive Summary - MP3 file                      


7 Habits - Quick MBA                                                                   Identifying your Circle of Concern   


The Drama Triangle                                                                      Managing Transitions - William Bridges  


GROW Coaching Framework / Model                                         Resilience Enhancing Thinking Patterns


Immmunity to Change - a summary guide                                 Immunity Mapping Worksheet


How to Overcome Immunity to Change                                     Immunity to Change - Business Digest Article


Well Formed Outcomes                                                               Workshop Evaluation Summary - Bridgend College PCLP 13th February 2020


AM - PowerPoint Slides - pdf file                                                PM - PowerPoint Slides - pdf file