Cardiothoracic Team

Development Programme 2018

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Day 1 (Introduction)

Leadership for Tomorrow - Once More With Feeling                   Emotional Intelligence - Mind Tools                                     Emotional Intelligence Competencies 

Johari Window                                                                                       EQ - self assessment tool                                                      CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013      

Hay Group - being nice is not enough!                                              The Dance of Change - Senge - summary                          Leadership (The 3 Constants) - Ian Govier and Sue Nash


EQ - the edge (Text Book Link)                                                           Action Learning Guide - Academi Wales                            Action Learning - Sowing Seeds       

Leading in the Welsh Public Service - 2017                                    Academi Wales Website                                                         Positive and Negative Capability - French et al 2009

EQi - an introduction - PowerPoint Slides                                        Distorted Thinking Patterns