Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Directorate OD Programme - 29th June '11                     Click here to go to CTR Home Page


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PowerPoint Files


Emotional Intelligence  (N.B. in pdf format - please be patient when downloading as this is a large file.)

Word Files

EI - a very brief overview                        EQ Test

EI Competencies                                    Ten EI Habits

Describing Emotional Intelligence             The Maximus Principle - casualties are acceptable!

pdf Files

Leadership for Tomorrow - Once More With Feeling                          Transformational Leadership in Healthcare - Ian Govier and Sue Nash

Emotional Intelligence Competencies                                                           Hay Group : Nurse Leadership - being nice is not enough!

Leadership in Turbulent Times - PSMW                                                        Centred Leadership - how talented women thrive

Johari Window 

Useful websites

Free Online Emotional Intelligence Test       The Foundation of Nursing Leadership

Businessballs                                                     Mindtools

The EQ Toolbox                                                   Daniel Goleman - YouTube Interview

Big Dog Leadership                                           Self-help Classics - Emotional Intelligence - Goleman