Cardiff and Vale UHB  

Senior Leadership Programme

30th January 2017                                                            

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Workshop Resources

Leadership Development in Health Care - 2015         Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership - Kouzes and Posner         Transformational Leadership (Govier and Nash, 2009)


Leadership in Turbulent Times (PSMW 2010)            In Praise of the Incomplete Leader - Harvard Business Review        The Work of Leadership (Heifetz 2008)        


Academi Wales - Future Trends in Leadership         Adaptive Leadership - a brief introduction and handout                       Adaptive Leadership and Change - Co-coaching Questions 


Leading Effectively - questions for reflection             Leadership Styles Questionnaire                                                               Effective Leaders Questionnaire                                                      


Level 5 Leadership - humility & fierce resolve           Leadership - Being Nice is Not Enough (Hay Research, 2012)           Shackleton - Leadership on Ice     


Leadership (Session PowerPoint Slides)