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Ian M. Govier   MSc PGCE BN DipN RNT RGN

I subscribe to a form of coaching that honours the client as the authority in relation to their personal and professional life. I also believe that every client is creative and resourceful and with the right balance of challenge and support, is able to realise their potential. My approach to coaching is non-directive in nature and is aimed at facilitating the client to reach their goals by using a variety of coaching tools, development frameworks and questioning techniques. One of my primary objectives is to leave the client in a resourceful state so that they can further develop themselves in-line with their desire for authentic personal and professional development.

As a coach, I will:



In the capacity of a professional coach, I acknowledge and honour my ethical obligations to coaching clients and as an active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), I subscribe to the EMCC Code of Ethics I have presented papers at both the UK (London) and European (Amsterdam and Paris) EMCC Annual Conferences.


Professional Experience


My professional background is in nursing, education, organisational and leadership development and, for the last thirty years, I have worked in a wide variety of organisational settings and held several senior leadership and management positions. I have over ten years of dedicated coaching and mentoring experience both within and outside of the health and social care sectors.

I currently work on a part time basis for Welsh Government (AcademiWales) in the area of leadership and organisational development and during the last ten years, I have effectively and successfully coached numerous individuals to achieve their goals and objectives. I am an Associate Consultant for the Royal College of Nursing as well as an honorary lecturer at the School of Health Science, University of Wales Swansea. My professional interests include leadership development, mentoring and coaching and I have published and presented many innovative papers on these topics throughout the UK and Europe.


In 2005, I launched a business called CTR (choose the right) Training & Consultancy and am highly regarded for adopting a principles and values based approach to personal, professional and organisational development. My coaching clients include those working at middle, senior and executive management levels including a National Director for a top Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB).


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