Leadership - Growing Your Potential

Leading in Uncertain Times

Darent Valley Hospital

Directorate of Women's Services/Maternity Services

Thursday 5th February 2015

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PowerPoint Files

Leading in Uncertain Times   (in pdf format)                      Emotional Resilience   (in pdf format)

Number Process Exercise

pdf Files

Leadership (The 3 Constants) - Govier and Nash              Future Trends in Leadership                                 Towards a New Model of Leadership - June 2013     

No More Heroes future-of-leadership - King's Fund         The Dance of Change - Senge - summary          Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leadership in Context - current ideas - King's Fund 2011     Identifying Your Circle of Influence               CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013


Emotional Resilience Toolkit                                                  How Successful People Stay Calm                      The Lesson

10 10 10 Rule                                                             


Useful Websites


Positive Psychology           The Foundation of Nursing Leadership       

Big Dog Leadership