King's College Hospital, London

Matrons' Away Day - Friday 19th May 2017

Emotional Resilience


Emotional Resilience - On-line Questionnaire
                                      Emotional Resilience Toolkit                                                        

How Successful People Stay Calm                                                         Developing Resilience - Research Report - 2011 CIPD et al        


How Can I Improve My Personal Resilience?                                       Working With Our Own Vulnerability

CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013                                Glass Half Full - IDeA Report 2010                                               

Identifying your Circle of Concern                                                           10 80 10 Delegation Principle - John Maxwell                                     

In Praise of the Incomplete Leader - Harvard Bus. Review                    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Executive Summary 

Nurse Leadership - being nice is not enough - 2012                            Enabling Professionalism 2017

Emotional Resilience - presentation slides