Handling Difficult Situations

(or how to improve working relations!)

RCN Corporate Programme - Thursday, 4th December 2014 (RCN Leeds)


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PowerPoint Files

Handling Difficult Situations and Improving Working Relations        (in pdf format)

Number Process Exercise

MS Word Files

Controlling our Responses                                                            Deliver the Whole Message - 4 key questions to improve communciation and working relations

CONFLICT RESOLUTION CHECKLIST                                       Workplace Conflict Management Strategy for Successful Resolution

Conflict Management - take an ASPIRIN                                      Dealing with Difficult Situations through Incisive Questions - Nancy Kline

Feedback Strategy                                                                            TRAFFIC LIGHT FEEDBACK SYSTEM

Well Formed Outcomes                                                                   Using Perceptual Positions to Handle Difficult Situations

pdf Files                                                                                                          

Dealing with Difficult People - Karen Mannering 2008                Fight, flight or face it - CIPD Report UK                                                                       

Hay Group - Nurse Leadership - being nice is not enough        The NHS Managers Code - connecting wellbeing and performance June 2010

Squaring Up To Conflict - OPP White Paper 2012                        CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013

Useful Websites

How to deal with a difficult boss!                                                      Mind Tools - Conflict Resolution

NHS Managers Code - MAS, 2010                                      Tough Times, Tough Talk