Velindre NHS Trust Leadership Programme - Cohort 5 (2019-20)

Action Learning Set - Resources

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Introductory Workshop

Action Learning Guide - Academi Wales                              Action Learning - Sowing Seeds                                 Academi Wales Learning Channel 

Leading in the Welsh Public Service - a leadership behaviours framework for senior leaders (2017)                  True North - Bill George - a brief summary

Leadership (The 3 Constants) - Govier and Nash               Academi Wales Learning Channel                               The Dance of Change - Senge - summary                    

Positive and Negative Capability - French et al 2009          Caring to Change - Kings Fund - May 2017                Leadership Development in Health Care - Kings Fund 2015 

Introduction to Coaching 2019 - David Hain                        OSCAR Coaching Model                                                Introduction to Action Learning - PowerPoint Slides (pdf)


ALS 1 - Introduction to Action Learning


Pre-ALS Issue Brief - Word Version                                    Pre-ALS Issue Brief - pdf Version                         Seven Pre-ALS Questions - Word Version                   


Seven Pre-ALS Questions - pdf Version                             Influencing - the skill for success                         Exerting more power or influence - analysis exercise 


Identifying your Circle of Concern / Influence                    Six Thinking Hats - Edward De Bono                  CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013


Being Nice is Not Enough - Hay Research - 2012              Trust - the foundation of successful teams - AW


ALS Evaluation Summary - Group 1 - 21st May 2019         ALS Evaluation Summary - Group 2 - 22nd May 2019



ALS 2 - Leadership - a principles and strengths-based perspective

VIA Survey of Character Strengths - Univ of Penn  

* Please create an account on the University of Pennsylvania website by registering via the following URL:


* Once registered, access and take the Strengths-based Leadership questionnaire via the following link:  


* The questionnaire is entitled: ‘VIA Survey of Character Strengths’ and is under the general heading of ‘Engagement Questionnaires’ in the Questionnaire Centre.

  Please be aware that in relation to ‘validity and reliability’ this on-line questionnaire contains 240 questions and will take about 20-25 minutes to complete.


* Once you have completed the questionnaire, please bring your identified top strengths to ALS 2 where we will explore them in relation to your leadership approach and style.