Workplace Confidence 

creating and maintaining effective working relationships

The College Merthyr Tydfil - Wednesday 15th April

Delivered via the Working Skills for Adults project,

which is part-funded by European Convergence funding

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PowerPoint Files

Workplace Confidence - part 1     (in pdf format due to size)

Workplace Confidence - part 2     (in pdf format due to size)

Number Process Exercise


pdf Files

Dealing with Difficult People - Karen Mannering           CORE - the neuroscience of relationships - 2013          Squaring Up To Conflict - OPP White Paper 2012

Workplace Conflict - Successful Resolution                 Controlling our Responses                                                   Identifying your Circle of Concern

CONFLICT RESOLUTION CHECKLIST                                How Successful People Stay Calm                                    Seven Habits - Stephen R Covey - Executive Summary


Useful Websites

How to deal with a difficult boss!                                       Mind Tools - Conflict Resolution

Tough Times, Tough Talk                                                     BusinessBalls