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selection of published articles by Ian Govier

Post-traumatic Stress in Burns Victims  The Assessment of Pain in the A&E Department

Leadership in Practice                                 Spiritual Care in Nursing

The Rise and Fall of Cot Sides                     Are we PREPared?

Holistic Care Editorial                                    To Believe or Not to Believe

Teaming with Ideas                                       NHS Direct Wales - a National Nurse-led Service

Advancing Excellence in Leadership        Leadership Lessons from Sir Ernest Shackleton  

Effective Team Leadership                          Practical Ideas for Better Teams

Transformational Leadership - adopting a constant approach   


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access workshop / presentation materials     

Y Coleg Merthyr Tudful                                       Bridgend College

WBSSTDAD                                                         VTLP 2019-20


Singleton - Stronger Together                           ALP 2018-19                                                         

CTTDP                                                                 C&V UHB Snr L'ship Prog 

ABMU - HCSW Conference 2017                      VTLP Cohort 4 - 2017-18

Being a Leader Programme - C&V UHB         King's College Hospital - Away Day

RCN CLP - Nottingham                                     AdvPhLP 2016-17                                  

Workplace Confidence - CMT                           VTLP Cohort 3  

Darent Valley Hospital - LiUT                            WPhALP 2014-15 

VTLP Cohort 2                                                      VTLP Cohort 1                                   

Handling Difficult Situations                              WAST Development Event

RCN CLP - Nottingham - EQ                               Caring and Clinical Leadership

RCN CLP - Nottingham                                        The FISH Philosophy!                                                                                                                                   

Sir Ernest Shackleton - leadership on ice     ABMUHB - CDP 


RCN - Learning Events                                        RCN South West CPD Events         

Influencing and Persuading                               Customer First Team

Supervisors of Midwives - ABHB                      Mentor CPD Day                               

Dignity in Collaboration Event                            RCN West Midlands - Emotional Resilience

WBTW Team Event                                              RCN South Staffs and South Birmingham          

Aneurin Bevan HCW Showcasing Event          EMCC Paris Conference 2011 - Hero's Journey

Career Management - CLP Nottingham           Master Classes (September '11) Ireland          

ADP - Presentation Skills                                    C&V RCN CLP EQ 

University Hospital of North Staffordshire       EMCC UK Conference 2011 - Hero's Journey    

HSE West - Ireland - RCN CLP - March '11        HSE West - Ireland - RCN CLP - Feb '11

C&V Directorate OD Programme                        Introduction to NLP - C&V RCN CLP

RCN CLP Master Class                                          SAS Development Conference

Cardiac Rehab Team - ABHB                                Swansea Safety Group

Dental Postgrad Team Away Day                        Working with Groups

 CMIG Ltd Team AwayDay                                      EMCC Amsterdam Slides

Mid Staffordshire Patient Stories                         FIRO-B Vale Healthcare

RUHB Senior Nurses Away Day                            ABM RCN CLP - Political Awareness



Paradigms and Mental Maps















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